Official Selection




Presenting a selection of 20 first, second and third films with running times of at least 60 minutes, this international competition welcomes films of any genre, ranging from works of fiction to more hybrid and modern forms of film creation, which are chosen on the basis of their quality and linguistic-expressive originality.


An international jury composed of 5 figures from the world of film and culture will award the following prizes:


  • Oltre il Limite Aquila Reale d’Argento (Silver Eagle) for Best Film: €40,000 (shared equally between the producer and the distributor);
  • Oltre il Limite Aquila Reale d’Argento for Best Emerging Director: €10,000 (awarded to the director);
  • Oltre il Limite Aquila Reale d’Argento for Best Screenplay: €5,000 (awarded to the screenwriter);
  • Audience Award: €15,000 for the filming receiving the highest number of audience votes (awarded to the distributor, who will guarantee an international contract).


The awards will be delivered only and exclusively behind a distribution contract at the exit of the work in theaters