Official Selection




This section exhibits a selection of 10 documentaries, whether journalistic, investigative, war focused or environmentally inclined, irrespective of genre or target audience, providing their running time is less than 70 minutes.

An international jury composed of 4 figures from the world of film and culture will award the following prizes, which cannot be won ex-aequo:

  • Aquila Reale d’Argento (Silver Eagle) for Best Documentary: €20,000 (shared equally between the director and distributor);
  • Aquila Reale d’Argento for Best Journalist or Director: €10,000 (awarded to the journalist or director);
  • Audience Award: €10,000 for the film receiving the highest number of audience votes (awarded to the distributor, who will guarantee an international contract).

The awards will be delivered only and exclusively behind a distribution contract at the exit of the work in theaters.



Apple Prores 422/LT,  1920×1080,  Bitrate variable (max 40mbit/s),  Audio linear PCM 24bit little endian signed integer,  48000Hz, stereo L – R

Back up:

H264,  1920×1080,  bitrate variable (max 20mbit/s),  Audio stereo AAC/MP4 48000Hz

  • The backup can also be sent with Blu-ray, however the festival prefers the HD file. A copy of the back up will remain in the festival archive for any non-commercial uses.