Official Selection




Presented in this section is a selection of 8 works, whether modern or classical dance works, or experimental, modern or classical theatre works (including previously showcased performances) which were produced between 2017 and 2020, and which hail from theatres and producers based in Europe and beyond. These works should stand out for their expressive and aesthetic contribution to art, dance and theatre. To apply, prospective candidates should send a link to their work, whose running time should be at least 30 minutes.


An international jury composed of 7 figures from the world of theatre and culture, excluding all persons associated with the invited works or having an interest in the distribution of the latter, will award the following prizes, which cannot be won ex-aequo:


  • Theatrical Aquila Reale d’Oro (Golden Eagle) for Best Classical, Modern, Experimental and Innovative Live Performance: €20,000.00 (shared equally between the director and producer);
  • Theatrical Aquila Reale d’Oro for Best Male Performance: €5,000 (awarded to the male performer);
  • Theatrical Aquila Reale d’Oro for Best Female Performance: €5,000 (awarded to the female performer);


The awards will be delivered only and exclusively behind a distribution contract at the exit of the work in theaters.


The works must be implemented from 2017 to 2020, coming from theaters, productions or independent schools of Europe or the world, which are highlighted for the expressive and aesthetic value of art, dance and theater.

For registration, you need to send a link of the work, whose duration does not exceed 30 minutes, including head and queue titles, products all over the world.

The section is open to the works of directors and choreographers around the world, the theme is free.
The candidacy of the work implies that the author is in possession of all the rights necessary for the projection of the work (conceptual rights, choreography, script, musical, image rights, and all the other elements of property contained in ‘Opera).

The works with non-Italian or English dialogues will be presented with subtitles in Italian or English.

The authors of the works must send the following files: mov.o.mp4 of the work, resolution 1920×1980, codec H 264 and maximum weight not exceeding 10GB, the link to the online trailer of your work.
With the subscription of the regulation and the candidacy of one’s own work, the authors authorize, if selected:
that their work is included in the Festival’s archives;
that their work is presented in at least two projections, during the festival.
Among the works identified by the jurors, they will take part in it, in the second edition of the International Festival 2022, the Dance Company and the selected theater company, for live performances.